Alteredesign® offers you a high-end decoration service designed to dress both your indoor and outdoor spaces, fully reflecting your personality.

From the meticulous selection of furniture and textiles to the creation of personalized decors, and the thoughtful choice of artworks, our team is committed to transforming your residence. Trust our expertise to enhance your environment and make it truly exceptional.

Arts ○ Furniture ○ Textiles ○ Decorations ○ Lighting

All our services are customizable and à la carte.

Porsche 911 992 classic sport edition poster Alteredesign
Porsche 911 992 classic sport edition poster Alteredesign

In addition to the meticulous selection of furniture, we create our own frames, sculptures, and furniture* to give your interior a unique touch that you have envisioned with our personalized and on-demand decorations.

* To the extent possible and within the limits of our capabilities.

All our services are customizable and à la carte.

All our services are customizable and à la carte.


In search of a unique piece by your favorite artist? Richard Orlinski, Fred Allard, Jeff Koons, Grégoire Guillemin... and many more. Or do you simply want to add an exclusive creation to enhance the elegance of your indoor or outdoor space?

Our team is ready to unearth the perfect piece of art that meets your expectations.

Turn your environment into a true masterpiece with our tailor-made artistic solutions.

We make every effort to understand your needs and desires in order to offer you a decoration that reflects your personality. This initial step will allow us to propose a selection of colors and materials that will serve as our starting point to create a unique interior for you.




After taking the time to understand your needs and desires, we select the furnishings that will perfectly match your interior. We base our choices on the colors and materials you have selected to create a harmonious and unique decoration.



Details make all the difference. That's why, in this final step, we will enhance your interior with a selection of personalized and one-of-a-kind decorations. We are also able to choose art pieces and limited editions based on your budget.




Whether it's for a quote, a question, or a project, ... look no further ! Our team is eager to hear from you and assist you in bringing your projects to life. Don't hesitate any longer! Contact us now and let us transform your ideas into reality.