Interior / exterior architecture

Alteredesign® is your design studio located in Belgium, offering tailor-made solutions for the transformation of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Benefit from our design expertise to guide you through all your projects, whether it's for decoration, redesign, a complete transformation, or the creation of new spaces.

Take advantage of a 3D visualization to anticipate the final result, along with comprehensive monitoring throughout the execution of your project, ensuring a result that meets your expectations.

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-15% only on services provided by Alteredesign®, not valid on services provided by our partners.


We understand that your home is much more than just a place to live. Each home is unique, just like its history and inhabitants. It's your sanctuary, your haven of peace, a reflection of your personality, and your aspirations.

We offer specialized expertise in two key fields. The first is entirely dedicated to elegance and aesthetics, showcasing refined decoration. The second is committed to the complete transformation of interior and exterior spaces, reimagining the entire interior and/or exterior architecture with a visionary approach.

Our services are entirely customizable to meet your unique needs. Whether it's for one or multiple services, contact us today to get a personalized and non-binding quote !


Whether it's for a quote, a question, or a project, ... look no further ! Our team is eager to hear from you and assist you in bringing your projects to life. Don't hesitate any longer! Contact us now and let us transform your ideas into reality.