What we offer

Whether you already have a watch, a precise design, a color in your mind, or you want to start from scratch.

Go to the «your project» page from the menu and tell me about it.


You don’t have a watch.

We will start from scratch and build the watch together with all your requirements to the extent possible*.

The movement? It will be a Seiko automatic movement NH36A, which will bring you reliability, robustness and precision.

This will give you a watch that would be with you for life since it will work with the movement of your wrist and not with a battery


You have a watch.

If you already have a watch that you love, why would you want buy a new one? Let’s just upgrade it.

You are tired of the hands, the dial, the buckle or simply the bracelet/strap? We can customize it following your requirements to the extent possible* depending on your watch model.

*Note that for the custom watch service, since each watch is different, the possibilities vary depending on your watch model and brand.